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Shipbuilding / Ship construction

Shipbuilding / Ship construction

Constructing and welding of steel components is sometimes a genuine art. From basic concept until final construction our engineers can assist you.
Our Services for ship new building include:

  • Fabrication of ship structures
  • Outfitting of commercial vessels and yachts during new build stage
  • Construction of ship components such as Rudder Blades, Stabilisator, Crane- and Lifting Beams or Hatches

Our mobile repair team is specially set up to carry out any necessary repairs in your facilities or ships on site.
These include:

  • Repair of ship structures and outfitting parts such as rudder blade, stabilisator, crane and lifting beams
  • Cargo Securing Equipment installation and welding
  • Hatch Cover/-Coamings
  • Stevedore damages