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Shipbuilding / Ship repairs

Competence and expertise in shipbuilding and service cases. We are your contact.

Rudder service

In addition to our worldwide service for rudder of all kinds, we also offer you the construction of all components in the area of ship rudders.

Steel construction

Classic steel construction, one of our core competencies.

Mechanical engineering

We offer you the highest level of quality, precession & individuality.

Our fields of activity enable us to offer you complete service from a single source.
We are here for you!
Service around the clock, 365 days a year!


Amazingly powerful

After the extremely successful start of DABO Personal GmbH in 2019, we decided to bundle our know-how and competence in the field of shipbuilding, steel construction and mechanical production in a company specially tailored to these activities.

DABO STEEL GmbH was born out of the idea of not only leaving our knowledge and our experienced employees to your company, but also to handle your projects on our own.

We would like to convince you of our skills and do not only offer regional services.

We have integrated the global commitment directly into our corporate concept, as well as the direct line to one of our employees and not just during normal business hours.
We are available to our customers around the clock, all year round.

We are your partner for small and large projects and orders. Especially for the latter, thanks to our sister company DABO-Personal GmbH, we are able to scale our staff accordingly to meet the requirements.

If you are looking for one or more helping hands for your company, DABO Personal GmbH will be happy to offer you corresponding employees with excellent skills.

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